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Motor Insurance FAQ

Accidents usually happen unexpectedly and at times they might involve physical injuries. Therefore, one of the most important tips is to keep calm as it allows you to think clearly and aid in collecting your thoughts faster to deal with the situation. The best way to remain calm is to take a couple of deep breaths before reacting to the aftermath.

Regardless of how minor the impact of the collision was, there is a likelihood that you or your passengers may have gotten injured. It’s critical that you make sure that no one is injured. High impact crashes can cause internal bleeding due to trauma. If unnoticed, it can quickly become fatal. This is why it’s vital that you call 995 immediately if you notice signs of injuries. Do not move the vehicle or the injured while waiting for help.

If it’s a minor car accident, it’s vital that you take photos of the collision before moving the vehicle to a safe distance. Photographs are important for car insurance companies in Singapore to determine the cause of the crash. This also allows them to process your claims faster. Do make sure you turn on your hazard lights before exiting the car.

Police reports are necessary for car accidents such as damaging government property, a foreign vehicle, a pedestrian or cyclist, an injury that requires hospitalisation or medical leave for 3 days or more. Take note of the police officer’s details too, in case needed by your insurance provider.

Exchange particulars with the other drivers involved. Take down their full name, NRIC, address, contact numbers, car registration number, and name of insurance company. If available, witnesses’ information will also be very useful for your car insurance claim, so do collect their information as well. Do take note of the location, time, and date of the accident.

Post an accident, once the customer calls us on our 24hr hotline +65 8821 2626, we arrange a tow truck for them. Within 24hrs, the customer can come down to our reporting centre to do accident reporting. We review and assess damages of the vehicle on the spot. We also provide an accurate estimate of repair cost and number of repair days. A courtesy vehicle is also provided during the course of repair at no extra cost (only if we deem that the accident is not caused by you and your liability is clear).

Yes! Towing services are available 24/7. Just call us at +65 8821 2626 and we will be there. We also provide comprehensive post-accident services, from accident consultations, insurance claims and bodyworks

Services FAQ

Yes! To give further assurance to our clients, we are also certified with ISO 9001:2015 on Provision of Consultancy and Survey for Motor Vehicles Claim Issues to include Repair and Maintenance and maintained as a GIA Agent since our inception. AutoInsure operates based on the principle of providing high quality service through our trusted workmanship, adequate insurance knowledge, guidance and proper claim procedures.

Yes, we do! Besides servicing cars and trucks, we are also a motorcycle body shop. If your motorcycle has been involved in a collision, bring it by for a no-obligation repair estimate. Get that trim fixed and polished – from chrome trim to rubber trim, we have the right trim for the right situation. 


Our spray booths are specially designed with features that allow us to deliver state of the art paint works every time. They are designed to keep drying temperature at an optimum level. They keep dust and other airborne particles from damaging wet / drying paint. The enclosed controlled environment ensures proper paint binding and delivers long lasting shine and finish to your vehicle.


Most of our services come with a 6 months warranty (terms and conditions applied). Contact us to know more!


We use genuine parts and high quality paints to enhance our customer’s satisfactory standards. We have a dedicated paint lab. We use paint and technology from Spies Hacker to ensure that the spray paint matches your car exactly!

Yes, we do! Our car grooming specialists provide all types of car grooming services, right from the interior to the exterior. We clean, wax, polish and even apply leather treatment to maintain your car’s shine. The process takes 3-4 hours, and includes manual car wash, machine polish, cleaning of surfaces, blackening of weather strips & tyres, vacuuming, and clay bar detailing.